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Oct 2019
Elevator Pitch is over

At ITU GINOVA Elevator Pitch Competition, ITU students have gained the ability to make presentations in a short time and shared their ideas in an entertaining atmosphere by  presenting their ideas in 90 seconds.

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Before the competition, all participants invited by ITU GINOVA assistant manager  Dr. Zeynep ERDEN BAYAZIT presented a workshop to learn how to express their ideas effectively in a short time.

After the workshop, the contestants who passed the pre-qualifying phase and reached the final presented their business ideas to the jury members and the audience on the final day on 21st of October.
At the end of the competition  Merve Vatansever took the first place end won an Ipad as prize. On the other hand, Köksal Mertcan Aktas took the second place and won 250 TL gift card from a book store.

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May 2019
Failure Week 2019 is over

Organized by ITU GINOVA and ITU Entrepreneurship Club, Failure Week 2019 ended.


On April 15-19, not only the ITU campuses, but also the events held in many parts of Istanbul, participants gathered from panels to workshops, from interviews to games.

This year was the 3th year of Failure Week which was organized with tho motto of "ever tried ever failed no matter try again fail again fail better". In Falure Week, inspiring people, entertaining games, workshops, competitions and failure stories met with the participants.


Apr 2019
Failure Week continues in full swing!
Failure Week, one of the most comprehensive events of Istanbul Technical University, is taking place for the third time this year with the Week fail better ure motto.

Fşailure Week again important names, entertaining games, workshops, competitions, sweepstakes and work immersed stories together.

Please click Failure Week 2019 for detailed information and events about Failure Week 2019.

Apr 2019
Çetin Ceviz Venture Camp Ends With Demo Day
Çetin Ceviz Venture Camp, organized by ITU GINOVA for the fifth time this year, ended with Demo Day.

Çetin Ceviz Entrepreneurship Camp, where students and new graduates who want to write their own success stories by turning their entrepreneurial and innovative ideas into a commercial product, attended the Çetin Ceviz Venture Camp. After the applications, the teams who passed the pre-selection and interview stages experienced an intensive training period for about 2 months. After the training, a total of 5 teams shared their business ideas with the jury members and viewers on Demo Day. After the presentations, the jury members consisting of Melek Investor and Business Person Hande Enes, KoçSistem Business Development Manager Soner Ergen, and Güvenç Sözen, Senior Expert of ITU Core Operation and Process Management, asked questions to the teams and the evaluation process was started.

As a result of the evaluation, CatchMaterial came first with the idea of ​​a material selection platform for architects, while Curiosmo came second with the idea of ​​sharing questions for medical students. The CatchMaterial team was accepted to Tech Square, an entrepreneurship and innovation platform for technology initiatives at KoçSistem's Internet of Things, Business solutions, Analytics and Security. In addition, BeeSocial teams, which is the application that makes communication in CathcMaterial, Curiosmo and ITU or any other campus more effective, have been accepted to ITU Core Incubation Program. In addition to these teams, the marketplace ri Bulio ları, which brings together the small farmer with the buyer in his region, and the u ByTar az teams, which bring together veterinarians and sick animal owners, have the right to open a booth at Tech Square's T-Day event on April 18.

Çetin Ceviz Demo Day ended with a souvenir photo taken by teams, jury members and trainers.

Mar 2019
Mercedes-Benz Turkish StartUP 2019 competition has started!
• Mercedes-Benz Turk's Open Innovation Society, binyaprak, Impact Hub Istanbul, startershub, the turkishw, Turkey Entrepreneurship Foundation and the YADA Foundation has published a call for applications which was organized in cooperation with the StartUp Competition.

• Applications were received via the web address, which contains information on the competition details.

• The Mercedes-Benz Turkish StartUP 2019 competition, which contributes to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals, provides benefits to the society and the environment, is connected to technology, business plan and prototype ready start-ups

• The projects that will be open for applications until the 26th of April will be rewarded for the first 10 projects in the Mercedes-Benz Turkish StartUP competition. Each of the big prizes of the competition will be given 50.000 TL for each of the three different categories.

• One of the three major awards of Mercedes-Benz Turk StartUP this year will go to a startup that supports women's empowerment. Regardless of the line of business or area, a startup that meets the criteria and supports the empowerment of women's results will receive the jury's special award.

Tell us your Startup and we'il give you your support!

Mercedes-Benz Turk StartUP is the third of this year. Mercedes-Benz Türk StartUP makes life easier this year; it continues to support startups that are connected to technology, which contribute to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals, which benefit society and the environment.

Mercedes-Benz Turkish StartUP, this year in addition to the Technology and Social Benefit awards in addition to the Jury Award. This year's Jury Special Award is a startup that supports competition criteria and supports the empowerment of women and girls, regardless of the line of business or area.

Top 3 startups in 3 different categories will be awarded with a prize of $ 50,000

Turkey's sustainable development of nature and society, useful, innovative technology and see which ideas yeşerip growth with who believes that Mercedes-Benz Turk possible, Confident of the future of Turkey, around the creative minds of the country continues to reward.

The Startup will be given a special development program called Bo Startup Boost ’and a special Germany trip will be presented with Mercedes-Benz. In the first 10, the ü technology TL, ’social benefit’ and, jury special award: empowerment of women and girls kadınlar will be determined in 3 different categories and 3 startups will be given 50 thousand TL each.

Award ceremony in July 2019

Applications for the Mercedes-Benz Turkish Startup 2019 competition will be accepted online at until midnight on April 26, 2019. The preliminary qualifiers will be held in May 2019, and the startup teams agreed at this stage will meet at a one-day training camp where all costs are met by Mercedes-Benz Turk. After this program, which is given with mentors, marketing, network and work plan creation trainings, final work plan presentations will be prepared and the studies will be evaluated before the final jury. The first 10 remaining contestants will participate in the Startup Boost program in June. In July 2019, the winners of the Mercedes-Benz Türk Startup will receive awards at a special award ceremony.

Mercedes-Benz Turkish StartUP competition results will be determined by expert jury members

The members of this year's jury of Mercedes-Benz Turk StartUP are also distinguished from each other.

Representing non-governmental organizations;

• Mehmet Ali Çalışkan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Yaşama Dair Vak

• Mehru Aygül, General Manager of Entrepreneurship Foundation

• Open Innovation Association Founder Zehra Doruk

Representing the Startup Hubs;

• Impact Hub Istanbul Founding Partner Ayşe Sabuncu,

• General Manager of StartersHub Çiğdem Toraman,

Representing the media group;

• Ahmet Can, Technology Editor of Hürriyet Newspaper

• Technology Editor at Hakan Özenen

Jury Special Award: Representing non-governmental organizations suitable for strengthening girls and women;

• TurkishWIN and Founder of BinYaprak Melek Pulatkonak

From Mercedes-Benz Turk;

• Mercedes-Benz Turkish CEO Süer Sülün

• Mercedes-Benz Turkish Human Resources Director Betül Çorbacıoğlu

• Mercedes-Benz Turkish Bus R & D Director Emre Kuzucu

• Director of Mercedes-Benz Turkish IT Solutions Center Özlem Vidin Engindeniz

Jan 2019
1st National Safranbolu Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences Student Congress will be held on April 18-19
The 1st National Safranbolu Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences Student Congress organized by Karabük University will be held on April 18-19. Please click here for detailed information about the congress.

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Nov 2018
Tuesday Talks: Hatice Köse

On 13 November, our guest for Tuesday Talks is Hatice Kose. The presentation will be titled as "Will Robots Take Over The World?". We are looking forward to see you at İTÜ GİNOVA on 12:30.. To participate in the event please click here.


Who is Hatice Köse?

Hatice Köse got her BSc, MSc and PhD degrees from Computer Engineering Department of Bogazici University. She is an expert in Human-robot interaction, Artificial Intelligence and Social Robotics. Dr. Kose, served as a postdoc researcher at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, and worked on humanoid robots and interaction games with children at the Robotcub EU project.  Currently, she is a lecturer at the Computer Engineering Department, and Game and Interaction Technologies Graduate Programs of Istanbul Technical University. Recently, she focused on the education and therapy of children using interaction games together with social robots and avatars. She especially works on sign language and hearing impaired children at ITU HELP labs.


Oct 2018
Entrepreneurship Certificate Program Begins

You can learn entrepreneurship step by step!

This year, the entrepreneurship certificate program is being realized in cooperation with GOOINN,

Students selected to the program; With 6-week online entrepreneurship training, you will learn entrepreneurship by experiencing all the entrepreneurial steps from observing the problem to finding the idea, from customer verification to the presentation of investors through step-by-step video and tools.

During the training process, three days will be held at ITU GINOVA and you will be able to answer questions about the method. At the end of 6 weeks, you will have the chance to present the business idea you developed on the final presentation day and get feedback from the mentors.

If you have any idea that you want to work on it, this program is for you!

The quota of the program is limited. Register now by going to, complete the first 3 steps for free. After completing the first 3 steps, fill out the application form that will come to your e-mail address. Details and process information below.

Who can apply?
ITU undergraduate and graduate students.

How do I apply?
The application has two stages:

In the first phase, you must register with the E-mail address of ITU from and complete the first 3 steps. Only applications made by ITU e-mail address will be accepted.

After completing the first 3 steps free of charge within the Return to Entrepreneur you will be able to apply to the e-mail addresses you have registered until October 14 by filling out the next form. Among the applications evaluated by the jury, 40 people will be eligible to participate in the Digital Certificate Program.

Tip: In the second stage, when filling out the future application form, you should explain the idea about who, what problem, how to solve it.

Important Dates:
Deadline for registration of 1st stage and completion of the first 3 steps: 10 October 17:00
Deadline for submission of answers by filling the 2nd stage application form: 14 October 23:59
Admission to the program: 17 October
Duration of program: from 18 October to 28 November (6 Weeks)
Meeting days: 1 October, 14 November, and 26 November
Final presentation and feedback: 28 November





*Do not forget to register with ITU email address

Aug 2018
Çetin Ceviz 2018 Winner PhoneMarket, Discovered Berlin Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Çetin Ceviz Entrepreneurship Boot Camp continues to develop and reward entrepreneurial projects. The winner team of the camp, MobileMarket has discovered Berlin entrepreneurship ecosystem as winning prize.  The camp, which has been organized for 4th times by ITU GINOVA, is starting point of many successful startups.


May 2018
We left Failure Week 2018 behind
“Hep denedin, hep yenildin. Olsun. Yine dene, yine yenil, daha iyi yenil.” mottosuyla bu sene ikincisi düzenlenen Failure Week atölyeler, paneller, İş Batırdım Gecesi ve daha birçok etkinlik ile 7-8 Mayıs’ta İTÜ’deydi. Failure Week’e katılanlar olumsuz bir sonuç olarak gördükleri başarısızlığın, aslında başarıya giden yolda en önemli başlangıç olduğu düşüncesiyle tanıştı.

Hava kapattı, itü magnet'e gittik, açtı çimlere döndük; beklenmedik yer değişimleri yaşadık ama başarısızlık haftasında bizi yıldırmadı.

İşte Failure Week'ten objektiflere yansıyanlar;

Apr 2018
Co-Opinion 3rd Youth Summit will be held on 22-23 June

Click here for more information.

Deadline for International Applicants: May 4 2018

Deadline for Local Applicants: June 8 2018

Open to: participants from all over the world

Date: 22-23 June, 2018, at 
Venue: MEF University, Istanbul


Youth unemployment is one of the major problems that the youth face in the Middle East & North Africa. MENA is the youngest region in the world, with more than 60% of its population being under 29, but it also experiences the highest youth unemployment rate in the world, with 27%. In this context, the Co-Opinion Network focuses on the question: With the situation already looking grim, and with increasing automation and new forms of production on the doorstep, how can the youth of the region adapt to and prepare itself for the future? In the 3rd Annual Youth Summit, young leaders, young academics, and young professionals will have the opportunity to discuss this issue with prominent policymakers and distinguished intellectuals. The participants will particularly focus on entrepreneurship & innovation, education, and inclusiveness with respect to reskilling the youth.


Undergraduate & graduate students, young activists, and professionals, young entrepreneurs, representatives of NGOs, academics, and journalists are eligible for applying to be a participant in the summit. The call is open to participants from all over the world. The participants who attend all sessions will be qualified for certification.

The panel & keynote speeches on 22nd of June will be public, given the availability of seats. However, there is an application procedure for workshop sessions.


  • No participation fee will be charged for the participants;
  • The costs of accommodation will be covered by the Co-Opinion Network only for the workshop participants from abroad and only for two nights, 21st-22nd of June. The participants will accommodate in double rooms at a residence hotel. The network reserves the right to revoke this coverage in case the participant does not attend all sessions;
  • The on-ground transportation for the workshop participants (except for the arrival to the hotel on the first day and departure from the hotel on the last day of event) will be covered;
  • The costs of lunches on 22nd and 23rd of June will be covered for the workshop participants;
  • An Opening Cocktail will be held on 22nd of June, exclusive for the workshop participants, representatives of Stakeholder Institutions of the Co-Opinion Network, and the Advisory Board Members. The cost of the cocktail will be covered by the Co-Opinion Network.
  • Please kindly note that transportation to/from Istanbul will be self-financed. The network undertakes to assist prospective participants who require visas to enter Turkey in obtaining the appropriate authorizations by submitting a letter of invitation;
    • However, this task is the responsibility of the applicant. The visa-related fees are not covered

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