Jan 2020
Fire Up Changemakers Certificate and Fellow Program

ITU GINOVA Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center and Bogaziçi University Entrepreneurship Center, Bright team up to build a student led community to create change on campus, focusing on fostering entrepreneurship and social innovation capabilities of the students.


The program has two components. In the first part, there will be an 8-week certificate program which starts on Feb 12th, 2020. Students from both universities can apply to the program until Feb 10th midnight. The program requires hard work and a commitment to learn and apply entrepreneurial skills. The program offers a blended learning environment with experiential exercises, online videos, reading materials and executional tasks for the participants. Students who successfully complete the first part will  get a Fire Up Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate, issued by each university. 


Students who choose to continue in the program are nominated for becoming a Boğaziçi University Bright Fellow and ITU GINOVA Fellow in the Changemakers Community. The second part involves working on a social innovation project on campus to be presented in Startup Carnival at Bogazici University on May 30th and 31st. 


Those who complete the two parts successfully will be invited to individual interviews and  8 successful students (four from each university) will be  nominated for the Stanford University Innovation Fellows Program. Fellowship requires completing other tasks including an internship at a prominent startup in Turkey, a capstone project and mentorship for the following year’s fellow candidates and fellows. 


Please apply to the Fire Up Change Makers and Fellowship Programfor creativity, entrepreneurship, excitement, inspiration, exploration and innovation:




Information about the Stanford University Innovation Fellowship program can be found below: