Apr 2019
Çetin Ceviz Venture Camp Ends With Demo Day

Çetin Ceviz Venture Camp, organized by ITU GINOVA for the fifth time this year, ended with Demo Day.

Çetin Ceviz Entrepreneurship Camp, where students and new graduates who want to write their own success stories by turning their entrepreneurial and innovative ideas into a commercial product, attended the Çetin Ceviz Venture Camp. After the applications, the teams who passed the pre-selection and interview stages experienced an intensive training period for about 2 months. After the training, a total of 5 teams shared their business ideas with the jury members and viewers on Demo Day. After the presentations, the jury members consisting of Melek Investor and Business Person Hande Enes, KoçSistem Business Development Manager Soner Ergen, and Güvenç Sözen, Senior Expert of ITU Core Operation and Process Management, asked questions to the teams and the evaluation process was started.

As a result of the evaluation, CatchMaterial came first with the idea of ​​a material selection platform for architects, while Curiosmo came second with the idea of ​​sharing questions for medical students. The CatchMaterial team was accepted to Tech Square, an entrepreneurship and innovation platform for technology initiatives at KoçSistem's Internet of Things, Business solutions, Analytics and Security. In addition, BeeSocial teams, which is the application that makes communication in CathcMaterial, Curiosmo and ITU or any other campus more effective, have been accepted to ITU Core Incubation Program. In addition to these teams, the marketplace ri Bulio ları, which brings together the small farmer with the buyer in his region, and the u ByTar az teams, which bring together veterinarians and sick animal owners, have the right to open a booth at Tech Square's T-Day event on April 18.

Çetin Ceviz Demo Day ended with a souvenir photo taken by teams, jury members and trainers.