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Oct 2021
Energy Partnership Workshop at SET Tech Festival 20 October, 2021
Date and Time: October 20th, 2021, 10:00 – 13:00 CET
Location: Virtual Start Up Energy Transition Tech Festival (Hopin platform tbc)
Facilitated by: Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena), German Energy Agency

Ever wondered how to take your start-up pitch from just okay to the wow-factor? What are the most common mistakes made by energy start-ups when building their pitchdeck and presenting their start-up? Which presentation methods can persuade investors and alike to hop onboard, especially when trying to bridge out to international markets?

We invite start-ups and young entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine to an interactive workshop on developing their skills in presenting and representing their company to investors and in international markets. This workshop also offers participants an exciting opportunity to network, connect and engage in community feedback with energy and innovation stakeholders from the international energy sector! With the German Energy Agency's (dena) extensive network and expertise in the energy sector, dena supports the BMWi in training energy entrepreneurs and start-ups from the countries that are parties to the bilateral energy partnerships and dialogues with Germany.

The workshop will take place in the context of the 5th annual Start up Energy Transition Tech Festival. The SET Tech Festival brings together a global network of innovators shaping the future of energy. The one-day event allows participants to access the best start-ups and outstanding entrepreneurs in the field of energy solutions, in addition to innovation-driven corporates, investors, and public organizations leading the energy transition.

To get the most out of the session, participants will be asked to send their pitchdeck prior to the workshop to receive feedback. Participants will also be asked to prepare a 5-minute pitch to present at the workshop. Please note that space is limited.

The language of the workshop is English.
Participation in both the workshop and the SET Tech Festival is free of charge.

If you fulfil the application criteria and are interested in applying as a participant, please fill in this application form until 11th October 2021.

If you are interested, please register here. Should you have any questions regarding the event, please contact Olha Zhuk via email
We look forward to your attendance!

May 2021
Startup Huddle Relaunches in Istanbul

The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) is excited to announce the re-opening of a Startup Huddle chapter in Istanbul, Turkey to support the growth of the local startup community while crowdsourcing advice and support for its entrepreneurs.

Istanbul, Turkey – The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) is excited to announce the re-opening of a Startup Huddle chapter in Istanbul, Turkey to support the growth of the local startup community while crowdsourcing advice and support for its entrepreneurs. Istanbul joins a global network of more than 50 Startup Huddle chapters world-wide, and will host its first event on June 2, 2021.   

In addition to providing direct support to entrepreneurs, the program addresses a critical element of success for all entrepreneur ecosystems – connectivity. According to GEN research, startup communities with higher levels of local connectedness translate to an increased number of startups – and that founders with high levels of connectivity grow their revenue twice as fast as those with lower levels. 

"Istanbul is a very dynamic city in terms of early-stage startups," said Alper Yurttas, organizer of Startup Huddle Istanbul. "Startup Huddle is a great opportunity to connect the startup community across the city. I believe that Istanbul will be a good practice case [to bring the program to] many cities in Turkey." 

At each Startup Huddle event, local founders give six-minute presentations outlining challenges facing their companies. Each presentation is followed by a 20-minute conversation with an audience of peers, mentors, educators and advisers who provide constructive criticism focused on finding solutions and increasing founder know-how. With new founders cycling through each gathering, and previous presenters joining the audience to give back, the community continues to expand while connections deepen. 

“First, we aim to gather the startup community,” said Yurttas. “After that, the interaction between shareholders will increase and all parts of the Startup Huddle Istanbul will learn from each other." 

Startup Huddle Istanbul is supported by ITU GINOVA, GEN Turkey and the Habitat Association.   

To learn more about Startup Huddle Istanbul or to join a local event, visit

About Startup Huddle 

Run by the Global Entrepreneurship Network in partnership with local organizers, Startup Huddle is a program designed to help one entrepreneur at a time while strengthening the local ecosystem. Entrepreneurs discover challenges to the solutions they face through purposeful engagement with a broad array of voices from their local community. Currently, there are local Startup Huddle chapters in more than 50 cities around the world. For more information, visit  

About the Global Entrepreneurship Network  

The Global Entrepreneurship Network operates projects and programs in 180 countries to make it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a business. By fostering deeper cross border collaboration and initiatives between entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and entrepreneurial support organizations, GEN works to fuel healthier start and scale ecosystems that create more jobs, educate individuals, accelerate innovation and strengthen economic growth. For more information, visit

To make a presentation at Startup Huddle Istanbul as a startup, fill in the application form on the link.

Deadline for applications: Tuesday, May 27, 6pm.


May 2021
Research project assistant for EU Erasmus+ Projects (SME Cluster Growth & STEM Valorisation)

- Currently studying as a senior student or postgraduate student on management engineering, industrial engineering or related areas.
- Ability to multitask and time management
- Fluent English in writing and speaking

Tasks and responsibilities

- Attend project meeting
- Make and decode interviews
- Prepare, maintain and update website and social media material
- Monitor the project tasks and track progress over time
- Assist in the development of assessment and evaluation tools

How to apply

- Please send your CV, Motivation Letter and 2 reference letters

Contact person

- E-mail to Dr. Zeynep Erden Bayazıt:


- 2021-2022

Hours per week

- 30


- Istanbul/Turkey

Apr 2021
Startup Weekend Istanbul has started!

🔗 Startup Weekend Istanbul which will be focusing on sustainability this year, will take place on May 7-9. It is organized under the leadership of ITU Entrepreneurship Society and ITU GINOVA with the partnership of Turkish-German University and Marmara University. 

👉🏻 Connect with other creators
Startup Weekend is a great place to connect with passionate people driven to build something new. There is no better place to meet new friends, colleagues, mentors, cofounders, and investors.
👉🏻 Start something great
Knowing you’re not alone can make all the difference. Startup Weekend provides participants many opportunities to engage and connect with like-minded individuals — and truly start something amazing.
👉🏻 Learn from the best 
Learn what it really takes to innovate, disrupt, and start a company from people who’ve been there. Startup Weekend features deep experiential learning guided by an experienced hand.
👉🏻 Improve your knowledge
Sometimes you really need more skills and knowledge to go to the next level. Startup Weekend also goes deep on specific topics or skill sets. Just what you need to progress quickly.

📌 Only 70 students can attend this event. To be part of this great society and get many opportunities, apply now!

Apr 2021
STEM Valorisation Project: An opportunity to combine ITU’s STEM competencies with ITU GINOVA’s spirit on entrepreneurship and innovation

Istanbul Technical University Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ITU GINOVA) was founded in 2014. With a long history of engineering education, ITU has been a prominent institution for over 250 years. The co-founders of ITU GINOVA are members of Management Engineering Department and they saw the need for collaboration among departments as a driver for innovation on Campus. 

ITU GINOVA was founded to inspire the entrepreneurship culture at ITU by encouraging the students and academics for taking initiative based on creativity and innovation as well as help them to improve their relevant skills and abilities. In addition, the Center aims to conduct research for expanding the knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship. Enabling the active participation of students, academics, graduates, business representatives and entrepreneurs and providing mechanisms for these parties to share their expertise and experience freely, İTU GINOVA acts as catalyzer for those who are interested and curious in innovation and entrepreneurship. The Center aims to build bridges among the stakeholders of ITU entrepreneurship ecosystem such as incubation centers, technology transfer offices, student clubs, research centers.

ITU GINOVA aims to be the first stop for students to learn about entrepreneurship as well as develop their entrepreneurial skills. Student teams that are formed here are supported through trainings, workshops, and one on one coaching and mentoring services; once stronger in their skills and self-confidence, they move on to other organizations in the ecosystem for further resources. 

Counting down to celebrating the 250th year, ITU, as one of the world's oldest technical universities, has left marks in many areas by educating countless scientists, business people, politicians, and bureaucrats. This project will create many opportunities by combining ITU’s STEM competencies with ITU GINOVA’s experience in entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Prof. Şebnem Burnaz, the Director of ITU GINOVA, says “Being a meeting point for students from different departments of ITU, we promote students and academics to generate ideas together and bring them into the use of society. As such, we are excited to be a part of this project to provide a comprehensive understanding of the needs for valorisation and research-driven entrepreneurship training.” 

As the project coordinator ITU is responsible for the smooth flow of the project, coordinating the work of the partner organizations as well as making a digital gallery of success stories of Academic STEM Entrepreneurs. ITU project team consists of Dr. Zeynep Erden Bayazıt, Prof. Şebnem Burnaz and Dr. Alper Yurttaş.


Mar 2021
WeRin, a major EU programme to increase the share of female graduate entrepreneurs, is launched.

There could not be a more appropriate day to announce the launch of a new European project to increase the share of female graduate entrepreneurs. On International Women’s Day 2021, the Irish  partners of the WeRin project, Women Entrepreneurs in Regional Inclusive Ecosystems, Munster Technological University, the Rubicon Centre and Momentum Educate + Innovate, announce their ambition to make entrepreneurship education and support programmes more inclusive. 

Given that women represent about 60% the HEI graduates, their under-representation amongst start-ups is a very clear challenge. Despite a rise in participation of female students in entrepreneurship education at Higher Education Institutes (HEI’s), they still lag behind compared to their male counterparts.    Even when they have participated in entrepreneurship education, they are less likely to move towards actual entrepreneurial careers after they graduate.   And when they do, these graduate female entrepreneurs are less well embedded in the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem: fewer of them participate in local incubation and acceleration programmes, seek and receive funding and are active in regional enterprise networks.

A pioneering European initiative, WeRIn brings together 14 partners from 6 countries.  Funded by the ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance programme for a three-year timeframe, WeRIn partners have ambitious plans to enhance the inclusivity of regional entrepreneurial ecosystems and embeddedness of female entrepreneurs therein, through the design of more inclusive academic and non-academic entrepreneurship education and support programmes.

There will be many opportunities to get involved and benefit from WeRIn.  Helen McGuirk, Head, Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence, School of Business, Munster Technological University explains. “It is an exciting time to put the spotlight on increasing the share of female graduate entrepreneurs.  WeRIn is packed with opportunities for other educators, policy makers, funding bodies and bodies working to increase levels of female entrepreneurs. Over the next three years, we will work on profiling good practices and needs analysis, regional reports on current state of gender inclusivity, local and international Think-tanks, testing innovative new approaches through WeRLearnIn Principles, the WeRLearnIn Approach, WeRIn Nudges and the WeRIn Toolbox, a Knowledge Portal, International Capacity Building Sessions and Communities of Practice”.

Orla Casey, Founder of Momentum Educate + Innovate explains the project has very tangible targets “together with our EU colleagues, we are intent on making an impact.  We aim to increase share female participation in entrepreneurship education by 15% and in entrepreneurship support programmes by 20% of consortium partners three years after completion of the project.  Our project title could not be more appropriate – We R In is a statement of intent”.

Apr 2020
EU vs Virus / Pan - European Hackathon
The European Commission, in close collaboration with the EU member states, will host a pan- European hackathon to connect civil society, innovators, partners and investors across Europe in order to develop innovative solutions for coronavirus-related challenges.
Now is your chance to help tackle coronavirus!
When? 24, 25 and 26 April 

Application deadline 19 April 2020.
To detailed information click here !

Mar 2020
Coronathon 12 innovative projects to struggle the virus from Turkey
Turkey's leading entrepreneurs, universities, non-governmental organizations, ministries, private companies due to set out and coronavirus outbreak of the fellowship to produce solutions to the problems that arose with the mission Coronathon has been awarded to 12 project awards in Turkey. The highest score in the event was Medibook, a tele-health initiative that provides healthcare services with video and remote monitoring modules to patients who are not required to go to the hospital during the coronavirus epidemic but need to receive health care.

Turkey's leading entrepreneurs in the evaluation process of the projects in a short period such as 48 hours in different areas of the development of ideas against the coronavirus outbreak in Turkey, which was organized Coronathon organized in order to complete. Turkey's leading entrepreneurs, universities, non-governmental organizations, ministries, was awarded to private companies fellowship with the road going and we were in the country by the mission to produce these solutions to difficult days in problems 21 - 22 March 2020 date in the event that the creative ideas of the race 12 project awards.


Coronathon in Turkey, the most points throughout the hospital to go coronavirus outbreak of unwanted but necessary health care services to patients taking video, tele-health initiative that enables delivery of health services through remote monitoring modules took Medibook. Medibook also received the special jury prize, along with a cash prize of 20 thousand TL. The other 11 initiatives received a cash prize of 10 thousand TL without ranking. In addition to the cash reward, other supports from stakeholders were identified. The awards were given to Ankara Ticaret Odası, Ankara Sanayi Odası, Ankara Ticaret Borsası, Facebook, 212 Girisim Sermaye Fonu, Gedik Yatırım, Enocta. In addition, Eczacıbası Group stated that it will give business development support, IBM cloud computing support, and Seedstar international accelerator support awards to entrepreneurs that it finds successful according to its own assessment.



Teams working to develop their projects in the event, which included more than 1,500 participants for solution seeking, had the opportunity to meet and support one-on-one with more than 120 mentors, all of whom are valuable. On the other hand, 12 projects that have received awards will continue to receive online acceleration and mentoring support, again with the support of stakeholders. At this point, Girişimciye Dönüş,Workinlot and Fongogo platforms will be supported. Coronathon stating that the most important feature of a wide network of stakeholders Coronathon be owned by Turkey's Bogazici University's Center for Entrepreneurship Initiative spokesman and Director Dr. Oguzhan Aygören, "Coronatho's Turkey Initiative spokesman and Bogazici University Entrepreneurship Center Director Dr. Oguzhan Aygören, in a very short time, so many different stakeholders and participants as a platform has managed to bring together not to lose such a valuable cooperation and even magnifies the continued need to make that we believe, he said. Aygören, and even anyone wanting to be part of the solution itself the solution Coronathon  Turkey we invite , he added

Aygören also said  to thank Adil Oran, Berat Kjamil, Cem Leon Menase, Cengizhan Öztürk, Efe Kethüda, İsmail Metin, Koray Bahar, Sezai Hazır, Sure Köse Ulutaş, Timur Sırt  and Zeynep Erden Bayazit.


"Solution to Be Part of the slogan" the road to the Coronathon of Turkey, coronavirus outbreak of creating the social, logistical and infrastructural problems, innovative common example is very rare to find entrepreneurs offering solutions with ideas in a way that brought together many valuable stakeholders. Along with the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Tübitak, TOBB, BTK and some public institutions also supported. In addition, entrepreneurship centers and technology transfer offices from Boğazici, METU and ITU came together. Türkiye Bilişim Vakfı, Habitat Association, Başlangıç Noktası, Türkiye Teknoloji Gelistirme Vakfı , UNDP Turkey Accelerator Lab, Endeavor Türkiye, Girişimcilik Vakfı, Ashoka, Imece, Hello Tomorrow Türkiye ve Atölye  from  civil society  took place as a stakeholders.




In Turkey's capacity in useless by listing measuring machines that are found in Molecular Biology and Genetics section to be used for an application that aims Covid-19 test.


Studio Canlı Dersler App
: A platform that brings together people who need it in the live broadcast, healthy life, meditation, psychology, coaching, yoga and fitness to reduce the social, physical and psychological effects of the quarantine period.


Expona: A platform to access workshops that offer a variety of experiences online, from home

CoroWarner: A mobile application supported by artificial intelligence algorithm that will alert you instantly and anonymously if you have social interaction with the person who has tested positive for Covid-19.


A mobile application that will follow the contacts of each other with bluetooh signals in order to follow the epidemic, and will warn the people that the person is in contact with in case of a virus diagnosis.


Neoanka: An artificial intelligence-supported application that allows classification of health complaints to be forwarded to the right specialty branch apart from Covid-19 complaints and enables physicians and patients to meet online from the relevant specialty.


Güvende Kal: It is a mobile application that determines human density with geolocation support and presents this data to its users, as well as enabling users to control their own health status through the symptoms of the disease.

Kolkola: Kolkola is a "volunteer" marketplace that brings volunteers, NGO's and sponsors together. For example, it is aimed to make shopping for the elderly, who are forbidden to go out due to covid-19, with this platform.

CoGuard: A chatbot application that brings together experts and institutions to answer health questions and requests from Covid-19.


Fact Checker: A system that will help news validators fight false news against the information pollution existing in our country, especially the Covid-19 outbreak.


: The platform that brings together volunteers, NGO's, municipalities, vets, pet owners and other stakeholders to support street animals.




About Turkey's Coronatho
It is a hackathon organized by 80 entrepreneurs to come together and produce innovative solutions in social and logistic terms to the problems caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.


for more information: 

For the video of 12 award winning ideas:

Jan 2020
The kick-off meeting of Boundary Spanners Development Programme was held

The kick-off meeting of the project Boundary Spanners Development Programme in which our office is  included as a partner, was held. The  first meeting of the project was organized at 16-17 January in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our center is represented by our academic director Dr. Zeynep Erden Bayazıt.
During the meeting, all partner organizations made their presentaion about their roles and responsibilities in the project. Furthermore, the partners have worked for the project could go smoothly. The next meeting of the project will be held in Ireland, in the next year.
About Boundary Spanners Development Programme
The Boundary Spanners Development Programme aims to break down the engagement barriers between the universities and their regional/ national/ international business stakeholders by enabling the boundary spanning skills of the higher education faculty, staff, and leadership. We believe that people are the most crucial factor in the transferring of knowledge and innovation across institutions, mobilising resources, triggering organisational change, and making an economic and societal impact in their regions. Ultimately, we aim to create “champions” and bridge the skills and knowledge gap by:

i. identifying boundary spanning skills and practices of the HEIs and Businesses in their collaboration with each other
ii. profiling and analysing 45 boundary spanners in HEIs and businesses in the partner regions and across Europe, while presenting 10+ of those in concise infographic format
iii. developing and pilot testing the Boundary Spanners Workshop Series with 60+ HEI staff in 4, and 45+ SME representatives in 3 partner regions
iv. facilitating 16+ (2 pairs from each HEI region) HEI and Business staff to benefit from University-Industry Staff Exchange Scheme
v. preparing and disseminating the Boundary Spanners Learning and Experience Collection, including 20+ (4x5) Personal Application Project (PAP) cases development and implementation reports, as well as 4 (4x1) PAP good practice videos
vi. organising 8 regional events, policy workshop and Cascading Training to 200+ HEI and business representatives, enhancing exploitation
vii. developing the models for boundary spanners community building, self-assessment and certification for the sustainability of the project results.
The purpose of the Boundary Spanners Development Programme is to empower university faculty and leadership in enhancing the contribution of the HEIs in the regional economic and social development. The programme will be inspired by the University-Business Cooperation Ecosystem, a model founded in years of research for the European Commission and published on extensively

The project is expected to help describe the ‘boundary spanning’ capacity that is deemed as a desired quality for regional innovation, and help instilling it among HE professionals as well as among SME staff, for them to be able to identify and leverage organisational networks for greater institutional and regional impact.

Our team in this project is consist of  Prof. Dr. Şebnem BURNAZ, Dr. Zeynep ERDEN BAYAZIT and Dr. Alper YURTTAS.

The other partners of the project;

Jan 2020
Fire Up Changemakers Certificate and Fellow Program

ITU GINOVA Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center and Bogaziçi University Entrepreneurship Center, Bright team up to build a student led community to create change on campus, focusing on fostering entrepreneurship and social innovation capabilities of the students.


The program has two components. In the first part, there will be an 8-week certificate program which starts on Feb 12th, 2020. Students from both universities can apply to the program until Feb 10th midnight. The program requires hard work and a commitment to learn and apply entrepreneurial skills. The program offers a blended learning environment with experiential exercises, online videos, reading materials and executional tasks for the participants. Students who successfully complete the first part will  get a Fire Up Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate, issued by each university. 


Students who choose to continue in the program are nominated for becoming a Boğaziçi University Bright Fellow and ITU GINOVA Fellow in the Changemakers Community. The second part involves working on a social innovation project on campus to be presented in Startup Carnival at Bogazici University on May 30th and 31st. 


Those who complete the two parts successfully will be invited to individual interviews and  8 successful students (four from each university) will be  nominated for the Stanford University Innovation Fellows Program. Fellowship requires completing other tasks including an internship at a prominent startup in Turkey, a capstone project and mentorship for the following year’s fellow candidates and fellows. 


Please apply to the Fire Up Change Makers and Fellowship Programfor creativity, entrepreneurship, excitement, inspiration, exploration and innovation:




Information about the Stanford University Innovation Fellowship program can be found below:

Nov 2019
ITU entrepreneurship ecosystem on Financial Times

Globally known media organ Financial Times, focus on ITU entrepreneurship ecosystem on its latest news. Please click here to read the news.

Oct 2019
Elevator Pitch is over

At ITU GINOVA Elevator Pitch Competition, ITU students have gained the ability to make presentations in a short time and shared their ideas in an entertaining atmosphere by  presenting their ideas in 90 seconds.

Sunum atölyesi (2)

Before the competition, all participants invited by ITU GINOVA assistant manager  Dr. Zeynep ERDEN BAYAZIT presented a workshop to learn how to express their ideas effectively in a short time.

After the workshop, the contestants who passed the pre-qualifying phase and reached the final presented their business ideas to the jury members and the audience on the final day on 21st of October.
At the end of the competition  Merve Vatansever took the first place end won an Ipad as prize. On the other hand, Köksal Mertcan Aktas took the second place and won 250 TL gift card from a book store.

Birinci ödül-4

May 2019
Failure Week 2019 is over

Organized by ITU GINOVA and ITU Entrepreneurship Club, Failure Week 2019 ended.


On April 15-19, not only the ITU campuses, but also the events held in many parts of Istanbul, participants gathered from panels to workshops, from interviews to games.

This year was the 3th year of Failure Week which was organized with tho motto of "ever tried ever failed no matter try again fail again fail better". In Falure Week, inspiring people, entertaining games, workshops, competitions and failure stories met with the participants.


Apr 2019
Failure Week continues in full swing!
Failure Week, one of the most comprehensive events of Istanbul Technical University, is taking place for the third time this year with the Week fail better ure motto.

Fşailure Week again important names, entertaining games, workshops, competitions, sweepstakes and work immersed stories together.

Please click Failure Week 2019 for detailed information and events about Failure Week 2019.

Apr 2019
Çetin Ceviz Venture Camp Ends With Demo Day
Çetin Ceviz Venture Camp, organized by ITU GINOVA for the fifth time this year, ended with Demo Day.

Çetin Ceviz Entrepreneurship Camp, where students and new graduates who want to write their own success stories by turning their entrepreneurial and innovative ideas into a commercial product, attended the Çetin Ceviz Venture Camp. After the applications, the teams who passed the pre-selection and interview stages experienced an intensive training period for about 2 months. After the training, a total of 5 teams shared their business ideas with the jury members and viewers on Demo Day. After the presentations, the jury members consisting of Melek Investor and Business Person Hande Enes, KoçSistem Business Development Manager Soner Ergen, and Güvenç Sözen, Senior Expert of ITU Core Operation and Process Management, asked questions to the teams and the evaluation process was started.

As a result of the evaluation, CatchMaterial came first with the idea of ​​a material selection platform for architects, while Curiosmo came second with the idea of ​​sharing questions for medical students. The CatchMaterial team was accepted to Tech Square, an entrepreneurship and innovation platform for technology initiatives at KoçSistem's Internet of Things, Business solutions, Analytics and Security. In addition, BeeSocial teams, which is the application that makes communication in CathcMaterial, Curiosmo and ITU or any other campus more effective, have been accepted to ITU Core Incubation Program. In addition to these teams, the marketplace ri Bulio ları, which brings together the small farmer with the buyer in his region, and the u ByTar az teams, which bring together veterinarians and sick animal owners, have the right to open a booth at Tech Square's T-Day event on April 18.

Çetin Ceviz Demo Day ended with a souvenir photo taken by teams, jury members and trainers.

Mar 2019
Mercedes-Benz Turkish StartUP 2019 competition has started!
• Mercedes-Benz Turk's Open Innovation Society, binyaprak, Impact Hub Istanbul, startershub, the turkishw, Turkey Entrepreneurship Foundation and the YADA Foundation has published a call for applications which was organized in cooperation with the StartUp Competition.

• Applications were received via the web address, which contains information on the competition details.

• The Mercedes-Benz Turkish StartUP 2019 competition, which contributes to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals, provides benefits to the society and the environment, is connected to technology, business plan and prototype ready start-ups

• The projects that will be open for applications until the 26th of April will be rewarded for the first 10 projects in the Mercedes-Benz Turkish StartUP competition. Each of the big prizes of the competition will be given 50.000 TL for each of the three different categories.

• One of the three major awards of Mercedes-Benz Turk StartUP this year will go to a startup that supports women's empowerment. Regardless of the line of business or area, a startup that meets the criteria and supports the empowerment of women's results will receive the jury's special award.

Tell us your Startup and we'il give you your support!

Mercedes-Benz Turk StartUP is the third of this year. Mercedes-Benz Türk StartUP makes life easier this year; it continues to support startups that are connected to technology, which contribute to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals, which benefit society and the environment.

Mercedes-Benz Turkish StartUP, this year in addition to the Technology and Social Benefit awards in addition to the Jury Award. This year's Jury Special Award is a startup that supports competition criteria and supports the empowerment of women and girls, regardless of the line of business or area.

Top 3 startups in 3 different categories will be awarded with a prize of $ 50,000

Turkey's sustainable development of nature and society, useful, innovative technology and see which ideas yeşerip growth with who believes that Mercedes-Benz Turk possible, Confident of the future of Turkey, around the creative minds of the country continues to reward.

The Startup will be given a special development program called Bo Startup Boost ’and a special Germany trip will be presented with Mercedes-Benz. In the first 10, the ü technology TL, ’social benefit’ and, jury special award: empowerment of women and girls kadınlar will be determined in 3 different categories and 3 startups will be given 50 thousand TL each.

Award ceremony in July 2019

Applications for the Mercedes-Benz Turkish Startup 2019 competition will be accepted online at until midnight on April 26, 2019. The preliminary qualifiers will be held in May 2019, and the startup teams agreed at this stage will meet at a one-day training camp where all costs are met by Mercedes-Benz Turk. After this program, which is given with mentors, marketing, network and work plan creation trainings, final work plan presentations will be prepared and the studies will be evaluated before the final jury. The first 10 remaining contestants will participate in the Startup Boost program in June. In July 2019, the winners of the Mercedes-Benz Türk Startup will receive awards at a special award ceremony.

Mercedes-Benz Turkish StartUP competition results will be determined by expert jury members

The members of this year's jury of Mercedes-Benz Turk StartUP are also distinguished from each other.

Representing non-governmental organizations;

• Mehmet Ali Çalışkan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Yaşama Dair Vak

• Mehru Aygül, General Manager of Entrepreneurship Foundation

• Open Innovation Association Founder Zehra Doruk

Representing the Startup Hubs;

• Impact Hub Istanbul Founding Partner Ayşe Sabuncu,

• General Manager of StartersHub Çiğdem Toraman,

Representing the media group;

• Ahmet Can, Technology Editor of Hürriyet Newspaper

• Technology Editor at Hakan Özenen

Jury Special Award: Representing non-governmental organizations suitable for strengthening girls and women;

• TurkishWIN and Founder of BinYaprak Melek Pulatkonak

From Mercedes-Benz Turk;

• Mercedes-Benz Turkish CEO Süer Sülün

• Mercedes-Benz Turkish Human Resources Director Betül Çorbacıoğlu

• Mercedes-Benz Turkish Bus R & D Director Emre Kuzucu

• Director of Mercedes-Benz Turkish IT Solutions Center Özlem Vidin Engindeniz

Jan 2019
1st National Safranbolu Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences Student Congress will be held on April 18-19
The 1st National Safranbolu Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences Student Congress organized by Karabük University will be held on April 18-19. Please click here for detailed information about the congress.

Kongre afis

Nov 2018
Tuesday Talks: Hatice Köse

On 13 November, our guest for Tuesday Talks is Hatice Kose. The presentation will be titled as "Will Robots Take Over The World?". We are looking forward to see you at İTÜ GİNOVA on 12:30.. To participate in the event please click here.


Who is Hatice Köse?

Hatice Köse got her BSc, MSc and PhD degrees from Computer Engineering Department of Bogazici University. She is an expert in Human-robot interaction, Artificial Intelligence and Social Robotics. Dr. Kose, served as a postdoc researcher at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, and worked on humanoid robots and interaction games with children at the Robotcub EU project.  Currently, she is a lecturer at the Computer Engineering Department, and Game and Interaction Technologies Graduate Programs of Istanbul Technical University. Recently, she focused on the education and therapy of children using interaction games together with social robots and avatars. She especially works on sign language and hearing impaired children at ITU HELP labs.


Oct 2018
Entrepreneurship Certificate Program Begins

You can learn entrepreneurship step by step!

This year, the entrepreneurship certificate program is being realized in cooperation with GOOINN,

Students selected to the program; With 6-week online entrepreneurship training, you will learn entrepreneurship by experiencing all the entrepreneurial steps from observing the problem to finding the idea, from customer verification to the presentation of investors through step-by-step video and tools.

During the training process, three days will be held at ITU GINOVA and you will be able to answer questions about the method. At the end of 6 weeks, you will have the chance to present the business idea you developed on the final presentation day and get feedback from the mentors.

If you have any idea that you want to work on it, this program is for you!

The quota of the program is limited. Register now by going to, complete the first 3 steps for free. After completing the first 3 steps, fill out the application form that will come to your e-mail address. Details and process information below.

Who can apply?
ITU undergraduate and graduate students.

How do I apply?
The application has two stages:

In the first phase, you must register with the E-mail address of ITU from and complete the first 3 steps. Only applications made by ITU e-mail address will be accepted.

After completing the first 3 steps free of charge within the Return to Entrepreneur you will be able to apply to the e-mail addresses you have registered until October 14 by filling out the next form. Among the applications evaluated by the jury, 40 people will be eligible to participate in the Digital Certificate Program.

Tip: In the second stage, when filling out the future application form, you should explain the idea about who, what problem, how to solve it.

Important Dates:
Deadline for registration of 1st stage and completion of the first 3 steps: 10 October 17:00
Deadline for submission of answers by filling the 2nd stage application form: 14 October 23:59
Admission to the program: 17 October
Duration of program: from 18 October to 28 November (6 Weeks)
Meeting days: 1 October, 14 November, and 26 November
Final presentation and feedback: 28 November





*Do not forget to register with ITU email address