Apr 2019
A History of Unusual Entrepreneurship in Food
ITU GINOVA Tuesday Talks:
Emine Yılmaz - A Story of Entrepreneurship in Food

In the last Interviews of ITU GINOVA Tuesday, the founder of HyggeFood Company, Emine Yilmaz, is the guest of this period. To listen to the extraordinary story of Hyggefood Company, which produces alternatives for herbal micronutrients and animal products, we look forward to welcoming you to ITU GINOVA on Tuesday, April 30 at 12:30. Click here for detailed information.

Who is Emine Yılmaz?

Founder and CEO of Hyggefoods, Emine Yılmaz is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University, Department of Chemical Engineering. Although technically very close to production; Yilmaz, who was a founding chairman of the university during his university years, stated that he had discovered myself through the Musical Collection, and after a long corporate history, in his own words, "total entrepreneur" is now.