Apr 2019
How will next-generation technologies transform our lives?
How will next generation technologies such as Machine Learning, Big Data / IoT / 5G, AR / VR, Blockchain transform our individual, corporate and public lives? Do you think and talk about the dimensions that we are not aware of?

If you answer söy yes olacağı, we are expecting you to be a guest of IT Governance & CSI Group Manager Aykut Türker on Tuesday.

The conference will be held on Tuesday, April 9 at 12.30 - 13.30 hours at ITU GINOVA.

Who is Aykut Türker?

Aykut Türker is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Department of Mechanical Engineering (1998). Türker has been involved in CRM, E-Commerce, ERP and Business Intelligence development projects. He has carried out Enterprise Software Development, Service Design and Digital Transformation projects for various sectors. Currently, he is the Group Manager of IT Governance & CSI (Continual Service Improvement) at Doğuş Technology.

At the same time, Türker attends the Executive MBA program at Sabancı University and Koç University's KARMA Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR / VR) Program. VR) is thinking and working on how to transform individual, institutional and public life.

Having a role in civil society organizations, Türker has volunteer mentoring experience in the Association of Supporting Contemporary Living.