Apr 2019
Startup Huddle Istanbul
Startup Huddle We learn together in Istanbul, we are developing together.

If you want to be a part of this community, to contribute to the development of initiatives and get inspiration, take your place at the event.

In this month's event, Pulsec has developed social responsibility solutions for institutions by transforming electronic wastes into educational materials and Wind-Agrotech, which aims to create innovative and original renewable energy, especially in the field of agriculture and livestock, will be with us.

18: 00-18: 30: speednetworking

18: 30-19: 00: Pulsec Presentation & Feedback

19: 00-19: 30: Wind-Agrotech Presentation & Feedback

What is Startup Huddle Istanbul?

With 160 million members in 20,000 partners in 10 different countries, Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), an international program Startup Huddle, just being organized by the ITU ginova in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Startup Huddle format works as follows: Each month, 2 early stage entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to share their ideas and introduce their start-ups, and receive feedback from other participating entrepreneurs, mentors and guests on how to improve and improve their projects. Each presentation lasts for 6 minutes and 20 minutes after each presentation, the question is answered and the feedback time takes place.

The aim of the program is the development of local entrepreneurs and the strengthening of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. An environment will be organized to strengthen the community of local entrepreneurs and feed the initiatives of the community.

If you want to make a presentation at Startup Huddle Istanbul, which is organized once a month between 18: 00-19: 30 at ITU GINOVA (Ayazaga Campus), you can apply from the link: