Jun 2022
STEM Valorise Project Istanbul Meeting was held on 6-7 June

Under the coordination of İTU GINOVA, Istanbul Meeting of the AB Erasmus + Project STEM_Valorisation Training Programme (STEM Valorise) was held on 6-7 June 2022.


Hosted by İTU GINOVA, project partners from; University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) Catherine Hayward, Munster Technological University (MTU) Niall O’Leary and Sarah Davis, Institut Mines-Télécom Business School (IMTBS) Nina Brankovic and Medisa Focic have attended to the meeting. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Burnaz, Dr. Zeynep Erden Bayazıt and Dr. Alper Yurttaş have attended the meeting representing İTU GINOVA.

On the first day of the meeting, the content of the education programme which is planned to start in October 2022, was discussed. The project partners have presented the module content under their responsibilities and the modules have been discussed at the meeting. After the modules have been set; on the second day, the curriculum of the programme and the arrangement of the modules have been discussed. 

The project coordinator Dr. Zeynep Erden Bayazıt has stated that “Due to the pandemic, all the meetings till this day have been held online since the beginning of the project, started in 2021. Thanks to this meeting, we had the chance to meet the project partners face to face. We have “shaped the education programme to its last form all together, which is the most important output of this project. Quite interesting content has emerged. We are extremely pleased with the synergy created by finally working together face to face.”

About STEM Valorise Project

Driven by the supranational agenda to increase employment, productivity, competitiveness and social cohesion, Europe has taken a path towards stronger connectivity among society, government, business and higher education institutions (HEIs) for joint solutions, with the latter being key actors in turning research results and innovations into tangible economic and societal value.

However, despite the existing policy support, the research value creation a.k.a research valorisation by HEIs remains low. For this reason, the Erasmus+ funded project “STEM Valorise” aspires to develop a successful valorisation training programme that will empower a new generation of entrepreneurial STEM researchers to translate their research into real societal impact.

Our international partnership will collaborate over the course of 2 years in researching, developing and piloting a comprehensive training programme and a toolkit to support the valorisation efforts of the first stage STEM researchers.